Thursday, March 15, 2012


March 12, 2012
President Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington DC, 20500

Dear President Obama,

I have deep concerns about the American troops. My father has been a part the United States army for 25 years. He has dedicated his time, family, and life for this government and this pointless war. The withdrawal of American military forces from Iraq has been a contentious issue within the united states since the beginning of the Iraq War. "As the war has progressed from its initial 2003 invasion phase to multi-year occupation, U.S. public opinion has turned in favor of troop withdrawal". As of may 2007,fifty- fivepercent of Americans believed that the Iraq war was a mistake, and fifty-fivepercent of registered voters favored troop withdrawal.

"On February 27, 2009, at Marine corps base camp lejeune in North Carolina, President Obama announced a deadline for the withdrawal of combat troops from iraq. According to the president, by August 31, 2010, after nearly seven and a half years of united states military engagement in Iraq, all but a "transitional force" of 35,000 to 50,000 troops would be withdrawn from the middle eastern nation. President Obama defined the transitional force as "training, equipping, and advertising Iraqi security forces as ong as they remain non-sectarian conducting targeted counter terrorism missions and protecting our ongoing civilian and military efforts within Iraq".

My father was sent to Cuba in the year of 2003 for 18 months, three years later, he was sent to Iraq for 18 months. As a seventeen year old teenager looking to broaden my education and see things in my future that I hoped for, I also thought in my last year of high school that my father would be able to enjoy this with me but as it turns out my father is now being sent to Afghanistan for 18 months. He has missed out on various things that my father shouldv'e have been there for but as I approach my last days in high school he is now missing out on my senior prom, trips, activities and most important, my graduation. I hope you really do read over my letter and consider all the other children that are suffering and not only me and my circumstances.


Dalles A.

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