Friday, March 16, 2012

Equal Pay for Female Athlete

March 15, 2012


Dear Mr. President,


            My name is Lauren. I am a student at Parkway West Middle School, and I am writing to you today to share my thoughts about the salary differences between male and female athletes. As a stronger believer of equal rights, I discovered this topic while researching for my commentary paper in Communication Arts class.


            First off, women athletes are just as capable as men athletes as proved by Danica Patrick in 2005 when she was the first female driver to win an Indy Car Race. But, even though this fact has been proven, there are still cases of unequal treatment. According to ESPN, in 2010 the highest paid female golfer, Na Yeon Choi, made only $1,871,165, while Luke Donald, highest paid male golfer, made a whopping $5,867,601. These inequalities hurt us a nation.


            Additionally, as the President of the United States, I am guessing that you know all about the Constitution. But, I would like to bring attention to one specific part: the Preamble which states, "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility…" This states that every citizen of the United States of America is guaranteed the same rights and privileges no matter their race, religion, country of origin, political views, financial situation, or gender. Because of what are founding fathers created in 1787, I think we should stick with what has worked for over two centuries.


            This issue is alive in our world today, and we need to do all we can to put an end to it. By helping solve this problem, you (and the rest of our great nation) will be sending a powerful message to all the citizens in our country right now and to other countries who some of which still don't allow women to vote or obtain jobs. If you truly want to help with this inequality issue, help pass the 28th amendment. I realize that you cannot directly ratify the amendment, but as the President you do have a great influence. By guaranteeing equal rights to every citizen, we won't have to worry about gender discrimination in sports and all categories anymore.


            Thank you for your time and the work you have put into our country.




                                   Parkway West Middle         

Chesterfield, Missouri

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