Thursday, March 15, 2012


Dear Mr. President


My name is Seneca, and I am a student at Parkway West High School in Missouri, and I am writing to you today about the topic of Abortion.


I, myself, am Pro-Choice and I know the topic was decided a while ago. I was adopted, and so was my best friend. Both of our mothers considered abortion. If our mothers decided on this, I wouldn't be able to bring this subject to your attention. The difference between her and my situation is my mother made a bad choice while her mother was raped.


We both found good homes and great parents and we know we can provide a great service to the United States. She, before she found that she had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, wanted to be a part of the military, and although she cannot now, she still wants to educate future generations. I am a bit on the eccentric side by wanting to become an herbalist and heal people through more natural means, rather than always going to a doctor for simple things like colds. If we had been aborted as fetuses, we would have never been able to help the people we know today, let alone know how we wanted to help.


I believe that women should have the choice on abortion because it is their body and their baby. But I do not believe that insurance companies should pay for the procedure, unless it's certain circumstances. Because it is your choice to abort your baby, it should be you who has to pay for it. It is not your choice to break your arm, it is not your choice to fall down the stairs, it is not your choice to fall off a ladder, but it is your choice to get an abortion.


And many people don't realize that having an abortion done can actually harm the woman. In some cases the woman's cervix is torn or the uterus is broken through, infection can happen easily, heart attack and death from anesthesia and damage to internal organs. Because abortion will decrease because people have to pay out-of-pocket money, these horrible injuries will happen less and in very rare instances.


I think that there should be limitations on abortion because not everyone has the same circumstances when wanting an abortion; I believe there should be some relaxed rules on the issue. I do believe that insurance companies should pay for an abortion if the woman was raped, because that wasn't her choice, or if the woman is a "girl", or under the age of eighteen, because it is not your choice to let any daughter get pregnant as such a young age. Also, I believe that if the baby may threaten the woman's health, than insurance companies should pay for it because it wasn't her choice to have her baby threaten her health.


If we can somehow have the insurance companies set restrictions on giving money for Abortion, fewer children would become aborted and there would be fewer infections caused by abortion. Insurance companies should be paying for things that we cannot control so I believe that because it is the woman's choice, insurance companies should not be responsible for the abortion.


I wanted to end this on a positive note, saying that I support you, and everything you are doing for America. I know how hard some people can be on others, just because they do not like that person. Many people believe that you would fix all the problems in the United States overnight, but they do not realize that fixing something takes twice as long than it does to ruin it. I wanted to say thank you for everything that you have been doing and will be doing after the next election.


Thank you for spending your time to help our nation and for listening to my own beliefs.






Parkway West High School


Saint Louis, MO


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