Thursday, March 15, 2012


March 15, 2012

Mr. Barack Obama,

We have had many problems in our dear country as of late, Mr. President, yet there are not many plans being put into effect to counteract such problems. For the last few years, the media has been discussing the issue of immigration, primarily immigration from Mexico. We have seen Arizona take action against immigration, but that is not what needs to be done. As many states have done, they accept the help given by the immigrants. They have done this because we as a people, including myself at some points, are lazy. Yes, I said we are lazy. Most jobs that we can do we choose not to, leaving them open for others to do. We hold ourselves in such high esteem that we fail to see that we are all equal and should do equal work. Most- if not all- the time we see illegal immigrants doing the jobs we fail to do, such as lawn work, construction, etc. Why should they not be considered citizens if they do more than their share of work, more than those who have been here their whole lives, taking nothing for granted because they see the value of everything?

You may argue that there are already legislations in place to handle the immigration issue, but they do not truly help the immigrants. Not many people know these laws, and when I hear it on the news I think they are for their benefit but we know they are not. To be honest, had I not done research I would have stayed ignorant to the truth about the legislations. With this you can expect most of the population to be lacking in information just as I was. Many of the laws punish those who are trying to better their lives by coming to the United States- following in the footsteps of those who set the foundation for this "great nation." One legislation that not only punishes those who work here but gives more power to those in charge than they rightfully deserve. In Arizona, there was an outcry of injustice for those of Hispanic descent. Frantic hysteria spread through the Latino community. Celebrities went to Arizona to speak against the legislation, but their attempts did nothing to stop the progress of the law, however, to much of the nations disbelief. Though the legislation clearly states that people of Hispanic descent would not be singled out unless there was "reasonable suspicion," it is still a way for officials to abuse their power.

With knowing what you do, which is undoubtedly more than I do, you must see action needs to be taken against anti-immigration. I urge, no I implore you Mr. President to take those whom seem to be more of the back bone of the nation than one might think and make them into American citizens. As there might possibly be only a few months left to your term in office, action must be taken immediately if we wish to see this come to exist. Seeing you get laws passed in your four years in office, I know that you can execute whatever you set your mind to. The House and Congress will fight hard against this but we must persevere.

Mr. President, I thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this letter.


Yazmine R.
Burlington County Institute of Technology

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