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March 15, 2012

Dear Mr. President,

My name is Anthony. I attend school at Parkway West Middle, and I am writing you today to share my thoughts about abortion. I became interested in the topic of abortion when I was searching for a topic to write about in a persuasive commentary for English class. Abortion caught my eye because I have heard people discuss abortion, but I never took part in the argument. After some research, I figured it was time I stated my opinion and stood up for the unborn. I am proud to say that I am pro-life because I believe everyone should have a chance at life.

Abortion is a serious and tragic problem because it murders a fetus, which is a living person. According to USA Today, a fetus's heart begins beating 22 days after conception, every organ in the unborn child's body is in place by week 8 after fertilization, and he or she can react to being aborted with vigorous body and breathing movements. Though some try to deny it, a fetus is and should be considered a living person. If a fetus with a heartbeat isn't a living person, then what is a living person? These real, living people are not getting their fair chance at life, which I believe everyone should have.

                Furthermore, if the mother cannot support the baby due to finances or other personal troubles, she can give the child up for adoption. There will always be couples who want a child, but they will be disappointed if they cannot find a child right for them because the nightmare that is called abortion is allowed to continue. Obviously, abortion should be illegal because there are other options, like adoption, if the mother cannot keep her child.

I understand that this is a hot topic in politics today, but Mr. President, I urge you to suggest a bill to make abortion illegal. We need to end this now.

                Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and for all the hard work you do as President.



Parkway West Middle School
St. Louis, Missouri

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