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                                                                                                                                    March 15, 2012

Dear Mr. President,

                My name is Carolyn.  I am a student at Parkway West Middle School, and I am writing to you today to share my thoughts about abortion.

                From the time I first learned what abortion was, I have been a pro-life advocate.  I was well versed in political issues at a young age, and my parents brought me up to voice my opinion and speak up for what I believe is right.  Abortion was a political issue that stood out to me because I couldn't believe that it was actually legal to terminate a pregnancy!  Since elementary school, I've been trying to educate my friends on abortion and persuade them to become pro-life.

                I believe abortion is wrong because a fetus, no matter what stage of development, is a human.  Scientific evidence shows a fetus is a baby, not just part of the mother, because it has its own genetic code or DNA.  However, because this baby cannot live on its own for the first six months, it can be dictated by its mother.  A mother can choose to end her child's life just because she doesn't want to be responsible for taking care of it, even though she is the one responsible for creating it.

                Another reason why abortion is wrong is because it kills an innocent child.  It's never the baby's fault that its mother got pregnant.  The baby is just the result of the pregnancy.  So why should the baby be punished if the mother got pregnant?  It's the mother's fault.  And even if it isn't, in cases such as rape or incest, shouldn't we punish the perpetrator instead of the child?

                Women need to stop having abortions all together.  Plain and simple.  If we continue to allow abortions, we are allowing the deaths of babies to continue.  I know you have two daughters, Mr. President.  Can you imagine your life with out them?  It is time we all encourage others not to have abortions, and with your political power, you could even help make it illegal everywhere in the United States.

                Please rethink your opinion on abortion.  With your support, we can stop abortion once and for all.  Thank you for all the hard work you do everyday to make our country a better place.  Keep up the good work on the new health care system!  Don't let those Republicans tell you that leaving the poor uninsured is the best thing for America.  Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.


Parkway West Middle
St. Louis, MO

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