Friday, March 16, 2012


                                                                                         March 15, 2012

Dear Mr. President,

          My name is Thomas. I am a student at Parkway West Middle, and I am writing to you today to share my thoughts about helping out Syria. I became interested in this topic from a research project that I was doing for communication arts class. After much research, I believe that we should not go into Syria. You may already know this, but if we go and help Syria, it could start a chain of destruction.

          To begin, if we go and help Syria, it could possibly shut down our trading systems with other countries. This might happen because countries like China, Japan, and Israel are our main trading countries, but they are also enemies with Syria. They might think that we are betraying them; this can cripple our trading systems with them. If it ever comes down to our trade system collapsing, our economy will defiantly collapse, leaving this nation in shatters. There will be even less jobs and more people will be out of their homes.

          Secondly, if we go into Syria it could start other wars. This can happen because countries that are enemies with Syria might get mad at the U.S for helping them. As you also know, our country is in quite a large debt, so the last thing we need is a war. With our troops in Afghanistan, it will be hard to get an extra garrison of troops over to Syria.

          Mr. President, the one thing that we can do is nothing.  We can let Syria's government settle this problem. People think that it's kind of inhuman to just sit back and watch people in Syria die, but it's the only thing that we can do. It's a few of them or thousands if not millions of others.

          Thank you, Mr. President, for hearing me out on this topic.



                                                                                      Parkway West Middle

                                                                                  St. Louis, MO

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