Thursday, March 15, 2012

Energy Conservation

Dear Mr. President,

                My name is G'reth.  I am a student at West Middle School, and I am writing you today to share my thoughts about energy conservation.

                I became interested in this issue when I was reading a magazine and found that the average human being consumes huge amounts of energy.  This was interesting, so I read more and found that we also make huge amounts of trash and the environment is dying quickly.

Global warming is melting the ice caps, and as they melt, the water resulting absorbs heat and causes further warming.  This is important because earth may get so warm that plants won't know when to burst into leaf, causing pollinators to not pollinate, and many species vital to humans will become extinct. 

There is a way to stop this.  That way is energy conservation.  Small things in the home make big differences in the world.  You can start with less thermostat use and more sweaters, turning off lights when you leave the room and using energy efficient light bulbs, recycling, and biking or walking to a place within a five mile radius rather than drive there.

Thank you for your service and what you've done.  I appreciate the improvements you've made, particularly in the health care field.  Please take this letter into consideration.  Again, thank you for your service.  I hope you win the election and stay in office.



West Middle School

St. Louis, Missouri



Mrs. Elsie F. Rafferty

MOSAICS Specialist

Parkway West Middle School


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