Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Open Captioning for Movie Theaters


Dear President,

My name is Dante, I am a student at Parkway West High School, and I am deaf. I use a sign language interpreter in all my classes. When available, my teachers will use captioned movies in the classroom. Another Issue that I won't discuss now is that most educational movies are not captioned. My issue today is that I believe all movie theaters should be required to offer times when open captioned movies will be shown.

The deaf people would able going to movie theaters for enjoyment just like everyone. Currently, on occasion, one movie theater will offer some kind of captioning that is rear window captioning system. That is required that the individual set up a plastic type screen in their cup holder. That set up is very distracting and does not allow us to watch the word and movie at the same time, and we are like bobble heads. That might distract hearing people. Also, generally only one movie theater in all of Saint Louis offers such a movie which is not a convenient location.

I believe that this issue could be resolved by adding this requirement to the current American with Disabilities Act. I wish that you could approve this suggestion. We make other accommodations for people with other disabilities, so why shouldn't this one be made for Americas deaf population. Thank you for reading my letter. I would appreciate hearing from you Mr. Obama.




Parkway School District

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