Thursday, March 15, 2012

Status Quo

Dear Mr. President Obama,


I am a student at Parkway West High school in St. Louis Missouri, and I am writing you today to share my thoughts about the path that the United States is appearing to take. Currently the USA, if not the world, is in the edge of crisis. With the European Union having economic hardships to being in the middle of the Arab Spring, and even having issues and difficulties here in the US, these are tough times for everyone, and the government needs to make a precise decision. So I ask you and the government to please consider increasing the opportunity of diplomatic talks with foreign nations, a drastic change on the environmental policy, and finally, a great consideration on the economy of today.


First of all, diplomacy must be a key way to get the world through these times. For example, the Syrian civil war is a great worrying issue that is impacting the whole world. Due to the veto of a foreign intervention in Syria, the UN has not become involved yet, but if there was a foreign intervention, would this be the right way? We all know what happened and what is happening in Libya and if foreign intervention would happen in Syria, then could this become Libya 2.0? However, diplomacy and peace talks are the best way to approach this situation now, before it gets even more out of control. The same goes to Iran with their nuclear program; there is no use in beating the war drums for when war can be avoided.


Secondly, climate change is probably one of the greatest global issues that the world faces today, tomorrow, next year, next decade. However, who has more power to reduce carbon emissions globally than the United States? As the only nation with Superpower status in the world, many nations still look up to the Unites States for leadership, and if they see that the US really steps up their game plan considering green technology, many more countries will join. On the other hand, I do have to applaud you, Mr. President, for the effort you have put in this field, and for really starting up and opening the path way to a more oil independent nation. Yet again, more of these efforts must be pushed in order for you not to leave a carbon footprint behind, but rather a green footprint.


Finally, Mr. President, I am concerned about the rising national debt. Having a national debt of over 15.5 trillion dollars is alarming, especially when most of that debt is from China. Moreover, spending about 1.4 trillion on the military budget will only make the problem worse. I am not saying that national defense should not matter, but the budget must somehow be decreased in order to invest that it into other fields, such as jobs, health care, and education.


Although I have to say, that you do not have it easy, Mr. President, and I greatly appreciate everything you and your administration have done for the past three years. We must stand together in this time of crisis. Thank you for your time, and I hope you the best of luck on this upcoming elections.





Parkway West High School

Ballwin, Missouri

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