Thursday, March 15, 2012


President Obama
The White House
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington DC, 20500

Dear President Obama,

My name is Kyle, I am a High school student in New Jersey. I am writing to you about these so-called "Internet protection" bills like ACTA, SOPA, PCIPA, PIPA and the like. Do all you can to rescind, amend and/or veto any bills like these. All bills stated above are detrimental to the rights of American citizens, and even though they have the guise of copyright protection, protecting children from pornography, protection of intellectual property, etc, they are not. Big companies and money grubbers alike just want more money. In no way will these bills correct copyright infringement or save children from pornography, they will cut off and shut down major social networking sites, thus denying us our freedom. YouTube, 4shared and similar video hosting sites will go down. How will people share videos of their child's first steps with family across the world? How would people share their art and music if those sites go down?

This is not a angered pirater or a distraught Facebooker, this is a voice unheard going silent amongst friends. You must stop these or the whole of the Internet will not be what it was meant to be.


Kyle W.

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