Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kony 2012

Dear Mr. President.
By now I'm sure you've heard about Kony2012. At my school, since the video was released, I've heard nearly everyone talk about it. I can neither go on Facebook nor anywhere else without seeing at least one post, or one article about this movement. To get to the point, while I would like to say how great it would be to help them, I think the best WE can do, is to let things play out until they end. I know this may seem a shock, maybe not in your case though, but I just wish to say that giving aid to Uganda would not be great idea for the following reasons.
I'm sure you know that the Ugandan government isn't exactly clean. Supporting them would also be supporting additional bloodshed and this is a situation I don't think the US should choose a "lesser of the two evils". Besides, if the US were to stick our hands into a foreign, war-torn land, we might very well destabilize the situation even more. Another thing is that I feel if we were to move into Uganda, it would be less to help the people there, and more to establish military bases to get a grip on land that other competitors may be after. Finally, my last point lies with Kony. He, if anything, should NOT be the target. The LRA is the target, and there is no point in cutting off the head of the snake if it doesn't need a head to live.
For these reasons, Mr. President, I hope greatly that you decide not to send aid to the Ugandan Government. And do not worry about looking bad, the US citizens can help in good ways by donating to such charities as Doctors Without Borders or War Child. Thank you.
Parkway West High

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