Thursday, March 15, 2012

Letter to President: The Dream Act [Scanned]

Dear Mr. President,

  My name is Marisol. I am a student at Crook County High School, and I am writing to share my thoughts about the dream Act and immigration.
  I became interested in this issue because I'm Hispanic and I was born in Mexico as well as my parents. I hope to one day become very successful and be a forensic scientist.
  This issue is important to me because with all the strict Immigration laws it's keeping me from, going and graduating college, it's keeping me from getting a driving permit and license, getting a good job, and that's only some of it. I have so many things I can't do just because of mine and my family's status. Sometimes I wish some people wouldn't take going to college for granted. I think I deserve an equal opportunity as every other student in this country, after all it's not like I'm to blame because I wasn't born here. I was brought here when I was only three it wasn't my decision. And the only reason my parents came is to give my family a better life than what we would have in Mexico living in poverty and poor education. Everyday I hope something will change so I can live out my dreams and not only me all the other kids in the same situation as me as well. I feel like the government just gives us a bad reputation because of all the crime  going on in Mexico and on the border some immigrants work so hard just to get by and give there kids better lives while there's others who kind of ruin it for us.
  I hope that someday The Dream Act will become a reality. And that there will be an immigration reform. That way we can get an equal opportunity just like everybody else in America.
  In conclusion i would just like to thank you for all you've done for our country. Keeping us safe and especially for the health care reform.
 Crook County High School
  Prineville, Oregon

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