Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gas Prices & Unemployment

Dear Mr. President Obama,


How you doing Mr. President? My name is DeMarco and I am a student at Parkway School District. I was once attending University City High School, but I switched to Parkway. I know you are having fun living your life and I would really appreciate an invitation to the white house Sir, but the reason why I am typing this letter to you is that there have been some issues in the United States and some of the biggest issues are gas prices and unemployment. I believe that gas prices are too high.


I believe that gas prices should be $2.25 or $2.00 because there are a lot of people that have a whole family to take care of and make sure all bills are paid but still have to pay for gas. Gas prices are about 3.70 right now and that isn't too good because If you put $10.00 in your tank it wouldn't last you two days even though it should, and all I do is drive to school and back to University City some days.


Another issue I wanted to talk about is the job hiring process, some people make mistakes that others judge them for and I believe that everybody deserves a second chance. The reason I say this is because most of the mistakes we make are back in the days, when we where younger, and did not have a role model to guide them in the right direction. A job is how most people get their future started and the managers of these businesses are not giving a lot of people that actually need the job a chance to fix their future.


Please help Americans make lives for their families by lowering gas prices and creating jobs.




Parkway West High School

St. Louis, MO


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